HDMI over Fiber

HDMI over Fiber


HDMI over Fiber

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Product Description

OLYCOM HDMI video optical converter compresses and converts 1080P HD video signal to network signal, so that HD video signal could be transmitted long distance by network cable. HDMI video optical converter could be widely used in security system, subway / railway advertising, mall advertising, building exhibition, digital signage, visual media teaching, digital KVM and other fields.

1. Support HDMI and other HD video signal interface;
2. Support all of the video resolution from 640X480 to 1080P;
3. Cascading, broadcast and other transmission ways are available;
4. Use MJPEG format, reduce transmission bandwidth, to ensure smooth video playback, good
5. color reproduction and short delay time;
6. Support reverse control signal from mouse, keyboard and serial port;
7. Standard TCP/IP network protocol, long transmission distance, Strong anti-interference ability;
8. One to one, one to many, many to one and many to many application mode;


Video Compress Format M-JPEG: Compress 1080P@60HZ video signal to  50Mbps
Video Interface HDMI: Support HDMI1.1/1.2/1.3, HDCP1.1/1.2, Compatible with DVI
Protocol TCP/IP: Standard TCP/IP network protocol
Transmission Delay 70ms: Direct transmission delay less than 70 ms.
Remote Control UART,USB: RS232, USB
RJ-45 Port Auto-MDI/MDIX
Video Resolution VES & CEA-861: 640*480, 720*576, 800*600, 1024*600, 1024*768, 1152*864,1280*600, 1280*720, 1280*768, 1280*800, 1280*960, 1280*1024, 1440*1050,1440*900, 1600*900, 1660*1200, 1680*1050, 1920*1080
Audio Digital Audio: 32khz,44.1khz,48khz.
 Fiber Port  SC (ST/FC optional)
Consumption 12V1A/2A
Working Temperature 0-70ºC
Dimension 152.8mm*130mm*28.3mm

HDMI over fiber two fiber port with two USB ports for KM

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